Is Web Content Management still relevant?

At Interwoven’s GearUp in Chicago, Forrester’s Stephen Powers gave an interesting presentation around web content management arguing that WCM as an acronym is increasingly becoming a misnomer.   For any organization that is serious about the digital channel, this shouldn’t be a surprise.  Not only is WCM going beyond the browser (think mobile, email and even print), it’s also about more than just managing content.

If you are a B2B or B2C organization engaging your customers online to generate leads, sell products or support them post-sale, you know that your WCM product is pretty stretched.  There’s probably quite a bit of overlap with your eCommerce, PIM and email marketing products (and the associated business processes as well).  Rarely is there ever a Big Bang when all of these products magically come online with clean integrations – and aren’t simply bolted on.  Not only can this all make IT cringe when looking at the architecture, it is expensive to maintain, breeds redundancy and seriously impairs your online agility.

If this resonates with you, it’s time to rethink your entire online platform and its alignment with your eBusiness strategy.  What is the true role of Web Content Management, beyond elementary web publishing?  How does it support digital marketing, eCommerce and customer support activities?  Open its role up even further and you will find ways that WCM not only supports your online revenue goals, but ways it can lower costs across the channel.

And who isn’t looking for ways to grow revenue and lower costs?

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