Death of the traditional iAgency

As painful as this recession has been, we have seen some positive behaviors emerge from our customers. Two years ago we’d have dozens of intro calls with clients asking us about our online media purchasing capabilities, or our skills in SEO/SEM. Time and the economy have either commoditized those services or put them on the second page of the CMO’s plans. Don’t get me wrong – they are important – but not as important as driving transactions.

What good is a viral video campaign of it doesn’t move the revenue needle?

The more I see this trend the more I wonder; is the iAgency of two years ago relevant today?

Our customers are all asking us the same question: “How will this help me increase sales?” This why I am so excited about where we are going as a firm. Think about it, we have people walking our hallways that planned, designed and deployed the first eCommerce sites for some of the biggest companies in the world. Driving transactions is in our DNA and actually predates the company. What are we thinking of when we design an experience for a customer’s website or for their customers’ mobile devices? Drive transactions. What is our view on social media? Participate in the discussion so you can make better products faster and allow them to transact at the point of the dialog (social commerce).

Why do we compete, and win, against some of the largest firms in the world when it comes to B2B and B2C eCommerce? Why are the number of our iAOR relationships rapidly increasing? I think its our pragmatism and the fact that our services drive transactions and build long-term relationships for our clients.

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