Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!

On April 28th, the first ever ‘Mobile University’ was held at the Spertus Institute. The interactive, one-day, educational event addressed the importance of a long-term strategic approach to mobile marketing, and how to integrate mobile into business. Acquity Group was not only a sponsor but a presenter: Matt Manley, one of our Creative Directors, participated in a mobile marketing panel.

Kelly Stickel teamed with HMC and was the director of the mobile marketing event. The event sold out with over 250 people attending, including Chris Dalton (Acquity’s President/CEO), Sr. Digital Strategist David Bloodsworth, Portfolio Director Mark Rein, and Digital Strategy and Design Solution Group Lead Tom Nawara.

Speakers discussed the ecosystem of mobile marketing, and the opportunities for retail and brands to get immersed in mobile.  Some of the topics covered were SMS campaign strategies, metrics and measurement, monetization, legal, UX across multiple handsets, mobile in Japan, and social media through mobile.

There was also an interactive lunch with sponsors and mobile experiments.  Interaction and networking were abundant throughout the day, and the final retail panel was delivered to a full house.  It was a great success for mobile and Chicago.  For more info, click here.

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