Thoughts on the Autonomy Executive Forum

Upon arrival in NYC,  my final destination was The Plaza Hotel – at that point I knew I was in for a good show with the Autonomy Executive Forum.   Autonomy uses this event to gather top customers, key prospects, and select partners (Acquity Group being one of those) to “Promote” new ideas, trends, and successes the company has seen over the past year.

The agenda included Autonomy’s viewpoint and involvement in: Multi-Channel Optimization, Social Media Analysis, Web Content Management, Rich Media Management, Contact Center Management, and Ad Management.

The overarching idea that ties the above items together was their event tagline,” Promote: Meaning Based Marketing.”  This is the idea that Organizations must look beyond traditional marketing tactics and integrate information from multiple channels into how they effectively communicate with their end constituent.  This involves understanding real-time data, accurately measuring sentiment, and pulling feedback from multiple touch points so in the end marketers are able to alter messages from their website/call center/online ads to optimize results.

Throughout the day Autonomy brought in several customers to present their successes from the Autonomy sweet.  This included Citi, who initially engaged Twitter as an extension of customer service but learned how Autonomy’s IDOL stack can play a role in fundamentally shifting the way we communicate through social media.  Avis uses Optimist and Media Bin to deliver the same information and a consistent experience to customers across all channels.  Other companies like Forbes and Telex realize how content management is becoming a key part of their overall engagement stack.

In the end the day was filled with compelling stories, unique insight, and big ideas from the Autonomy team.  It will be interesting to see how these technologies shape the way companies leverage and communicate information today and in the future.

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