WWDC: Pre-conference expectations

I had been looking forward to attending my first Apple Worldwide Developer Conference for, well, almost a year. Just after last year’s event, members of the Phoenix iPhone developer’s group (Pi) who had gone returned with tales of the experience and its positive impact in their journey toward enlightenment (well that was how it sounded!)

We waited in anticipation for the announcement of this year’s dates and then waited some more while rumors circulated that the conference would be the last week of June. Apple finally announced the official dates would be June 7-11 and tickets went on sale just six weeks in advance, selling out 5,000 spots in a record eight days. With a bit of luck, I ended up getting a ticket just under the wire.

During the six week leadup to the event, the rumor mill really heated up. What features would the new phone have? Would another carrier be announced, breaking AT&T’s exclusivity? Any new Mac hardware? Even though this is a developer’s conference, Apple customarily uses the opening keynote for surprise announcements and the expectation was that this year would be no different.

I flew into San Francisco on Sunday afternoon to square away registration since the kickoff keynote presentation would be early on Monday. Via Twitter, I had heard that authors Jeff LaMarche and Scott Knaster were organizing a bus ride down to the Apple campus in Cupertino, so I took advantage of the offer and visited the mothership from whence all of this goodness emanates.

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