Commerce Anytime, Anywhere and Apple’s iPhone 4?

Apple has made a splash again with iPhone 4. Early projections show that it could sell as many devices as the iPad in a matter of two weeks. Wow, that is a brand following, almost like a movement from my perspective. The iPhone 4 fills a growing expectation that users have for speed, performance, style, convenience, and power in their mobile platform. But it also fuels another movement – what is next in mobile commerce.

If you are like me, you have had few opportunities for summer gatherings, cookouts, baseball games, and family time thus far this summer. What comes up often in these conversations is that people have grown so used to the smartphone conveniences like internet browsing and mobile facebook access. I have yet to hear a story about people buying products or services using their mobile device. I know it happens, our customers’ analytics show it happens, but it just has not hit the mainstream yet. Yet. What also seems to come up as a topic is how slow PCs are and that users (i.e. consumers) are ready for instant on access like the iPhone but in a better form and function. The iPad fits the bill perfectly and has the ability to attract the ereader crowd and iPhone users. I predict that these users will cross the chasm and purchase the iPad in lieu of their next home/portable PC purchase. The fact that more personal data can be stored on the cloud makes a personal PC or laptop even less valuable.

The next wave of opportunity in mobile commerce will be for the retailers who optimize their experiences for users of iPads and next generation tablet devices. The concept of commerce anytime anywhere will become more real. What are you doing to get ready?

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