Is your site working hard for you?

Today’s online consumers are expecting more from a commerce site than ever before. The expectation has grown immensely beyond a catalog, search and shopping cart capability. In an ever increasing fashion, online commerce sites are becoming digital media hubs providing consumers with access to product information, advertisements, and campaign promotions. How does your site stack up against the leading sites in its ability to attract and market your products and services along with enabling the sales transaction? These two forces are often fighting each other when they should work in harmony. The same struggle for definition of your site objective happens when the marketing department needs to push more of their messages through the digital channel only to find that the site was not setup for anyone beyond the merchandisers and IT to manage it. Who owns the social activities on your site? Is it the ecommerce group, corporate communications, marketing, or IT as enablers?
Recently the media has caught wind of the power of social and how it can shape a market or create new outputs for an existing market. Sites such as Lockerz, Groupon, and Foursqare all have created new ways to reach existing markets. Have you created a strategy for how your online business can leverage these newer sites to drive consumers to purchase your products or services? If not, it may be time to step back from the day to day activities of running your online business (which is not an easy task) and ask yourself if your digital business strategy takes into account these and other newer influences.

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  1. Daniel Duffy

    I am trying to develop a retail website for a home goods retailer based in France. We would service internet sales through our existing physical location in the U.S.

    What additional information would you need to develop a proposal?

    (I tried to send this through the “Contact Us” link — but received an error message)

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