Major M-Commerce Milestone: Amazon Reaches $1B in Annual Mobile Sales

Although Amazon’s overall Quarterly performance, announced yesterday, wasn’t all that impressive, there were at least two very bright spots related to mobile commerce. First was the fact that Kindle books now outsell hardcovers, and second, and more remarkably, Amazon now sells over $1B annually via mobile devices.

Amazon has a history of blazing digital trails, being one of the most highly visible, and highly successful, online retailers since beginning operations in 1995. After years of struggling against pubic perceptions and traditional buying habits, they reached $1B in online sales in 2001 – a huge milestone for online commerce. As everyone knows, Amazon has continued to expand, and had 2009 revenues nearing $25B.

Beyond being a natural progression of what mobile pundits have talked about for several years (“2008 2009 2010 is the year of mobile”), Amazon’s mobile sales milestone is one of the clearest signs that consumers are willing to purchase goods via their mobile devices. Like Amazon’s 2001 milestone and their continued growth from there, the significant mark of $1B in mobile sales is only one (major) step in the overall mobile commerce marketplace. This should be a clear sign for other retailers that mobile commerce is not just a fad; it is a legitimate revenue channel that can only grow from here.

Amazon ranked #1 in Internet Retailer’s 2009 Top 500 Guide, and #1 in Acquity Group’s 2010 Mobile Commerce Audit.

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