Acquity Group’s Annual Meeting

All of Acquity Group gathered at the Spertus Center in Chicago recently for our company’s Annual Meeting.  The meeting, as a newly hired Senior Associate, was my first – and it turned out to be a great experience.

Our CEO Chris Dalton, fresh off a flight from China, launched the Meeting.  He described goals for the years to come by laying the groundwork for our global strategy, and talked about the tremendous push forward that Acquity Group is making in order to secure a permanent foothold within the global marketplace.

This global strategy consisted of leveraging technologies in Asia to bring convergence full circle as we evolve the ways mobile device users perceive the reality around them, and engage with their environment.  Acquity is doing what we do best, but now in a global capacity – leveraging emerging technology to enrich the lives of those who are quick to adopt it.  Following Chris, other members of our Executive team delivered powerful messaging that guided the Acquity audience through each facet of the organization and our overall business alignment.

The plan to sustain our push into the next decade is one that is both inspirational and motivating, thus formulating our vision for what our careers might look like as we grow along with this great organization.

As you can imagine – being a new hire – there was a lot to take in, especially having that many Acquity talents in one room, but I quickly discovered that there is a natural family-like feel to this organization. It seemed as though everyone knew each other, and I was immediately accepted and encouraged to contribute to the conversations taking place during the break-out sessions.

The theme of this event was definitely collaboration, as I noticed a magnetic-like focus from all areas of the organization – especially evident through the project showcase where various cross-functional groups presented their respective talent/projects.  Acquity Group delivered on my expectations, as technology and design groups displayed their fine wares – further reinforcing my belief that I, in fact, made the perfect choice in joining this organization.

The event also demonstrated my colleagues’ creativity, and propensity to bring humor to our daily activities and interaction.  All-in-all, it was a great event put together by incredibly talented Acquity staff. I walked away from the Annual Meeting with a sense of solidarity, a reinforced collaborative mindset, and was inspired to do more to further increase the value that we drive both internally, and within our clients.

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