Strategy for a technology ‘Evolution

Businesses grow, develop and evolve much the same way that life has –  just not over millennia, more like 5-10 years. This evolution is occurring quickly because the catalyst is technology.  Technology has enabled globalization, localization,  and now mobilization.

The combined affect of these three themes is causing companies to transform the way they communicate with their customers and partners.  Ego-centric resistance or blindness to these natural elements will ensure commercial extinction…almost as certainly as the Dodo bird’s demise.
For companies with the drive to evolve and harness innovative technology in a changing market, success requires a Digital Strategy.  Transcending the nuance of different markets, channels and products are the post-millennial demands to reduce costs, improve processes and increase customer engagement to a 1:1 ratio. Technology enables the landscape for these forces to survive.

A Digital Strategy that deepens the understanding of the customer,  enabled through a multi-year IT roadmap to achieve C-Level goals,  will ensure commercial transactions thrive in the New World.


  1. Marketing in a digitally connected, social world. Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

  2. Hi,
    I think the speed of change in the business world is not being reflected in the boardroom decisions taking place, especially around the long term strategy. Depending on the sector, the definition of long term is shrinking by the year.

    It really needs a re-think to the way things are planned and executed.

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for your comment; I couldn’t agree more. When on the ground at a Client site we try to evangelize innovation at the C-Suite level and it can often be our biggest hurdle to helping Corporations evolve. Trends show that the C-Suite focuses time and effort on stability and predictable protection which can become the antithesis to change.
    Agile management is a discipline not broadly practised.

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