What is Rockmelt?

Rockmelt is a browser with integrated social media sharing features, built on Chromium and backed by the founder of Netscape. It’s still in the earliest stages and there’s a waiting list to get into the early beta, though some Acquity Group employees have theirs already.

My colleague’s initial feedback is that the browser is clearly targeted to the “young and social” market, and that adoption might be slight in the over-50 set.  However, it is well-designed and nicely thought out, and integrates everything a young social networker would need to stay connected.

The browser has you log-in, storing your social media credentials and settings in a cloud so the instance of Rockmelt on your laptop and your desktop are both equally personalized. Chrome users should feel comfortable with the Rockmelt interface since they are very similar. Social media feeds are built into the browser through bars on the right and left hand columns so you can keep track of things like your Facebook page, or Twitter feeds while browsing. Sharing links with people in your social circles is as easy as drag and drop, so it might become easier for things to become viral.

This has been done before, and Flock is built upon the same concept of a “social browser” but it never really took off. Social media has grown to the point where people always want to be connected. When Tim Howes, the Rockmelt co-founder, was asked about how Rockmelt compares to Flock he said “There was Friendster and there was Facebook. It all comes down to timing and execution.”* Based on the overwhelming demand to join the beta, he might be right.

Some people have expressed security concerns with all of their log-ins in one place, but Rockmelt assures users that security is a high priority.

To find out more about Rockmelt, or to join the early beta, visit their website:  http://www.rockmelt.com

* http://blog.laptopmag.com/rockmelt-co-founder-calls-flock-the-friendster-of-browsers#ixzz14zw3dZ1S

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