Bing Overtakes Yahoo for the First Time

For years, the three major search engines have been Google, Yahoo, and MSN. While Google has, and continues to tower over the other two in terms of usage, Yahoo and MSN have always been fairly close with Yahoo maintaining the lead.

According to Statcounter, in February 2011 Bing overtook Yahoo for the first time with 4.37% of the search engine share over 3.93% of Yahoo’s search engine share. It should also be noted that Statcounter’s accuracy has been questioned in the past as similar services have offered different results.

What does this mean for Bing? From a search engine optimization standpoint, not much changes as Google still dominates with an 89.94% share. However, from a rebranding perspective it could show that MSN’s switch from Live search to Bing is gradually becoming more successful as time goes on.

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