What is good search engine optimization performance?

Chief Marketing Officers and brand managers have been increasingly asking these questions. Previously, they monitored revenue attributed to SEO as the yardstick of SEO effectiveness. Not surprisingly, SEO revenue steadily increased with an overall global digital sales uptrend. However, simply seeing SEO revenue growth really doesn’t answer the question of whether your SEO performance is better than your competitors.
SEO Benchmarking provides the critical insights into SEO performance for companies to strategically make their next SEO investments. Unfortunately, marketing’s primary SEO benchmarking tool was to manually enter search phrases into Google and log their SEO position. Even with an army of marketing interns, this SEO benchmarking approach is unsustainable.
Acquity Group’s SEO Benchmarking technique involves automatically capturing SEO positions for thousands of keywords and monitoring those positions over time. Anova Group then applies sophisticated segmentation routines to the SEO benchmarking results so as to refresh our clients’ SEO strategies. Over and over again, this SEO benchmarking approach provides the following insights:

  • Over 80% of their SEO traffic is covered by less than 10% of their site’s web pages
  • Significant variance in SEO performance by segment
  • Identification of high value SEO opportunities to strategically target

Every company has the same SEO tools and tactics at their disposal even as those tactics may evolve over time. In 2011 and beyond, the SEO Leaders will be those who apply these known SEO tactics in the most strategic manner.

About jeffaliotta

I am the guy that provides a better return on your marketing spend across search engine marketing, search engine optimization and other digital channels. I am the mathematician. I am not the cool marketing guy dressed in black. As the mathematician, I identify the statistically significant indicators or your best and worst marketing tactics. Then I will combine the best indicators together to increase your revenue. I either remediate the problems with your worst tactics or simply recommend that you re-allocate that spend to more effective tactics. People who hire me make more money, get more leads and spend less. And not some magical time 2-3 years away, the impact starts immediately and has a long tail.

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