A winning experience

Creating a new online experience for an iconic brand like Radio Flyer was an exciting challenge for Acquity Group. We were happy to find out that Radio Flyer was both practical and collaborative, and we quickly assembled a joint team that included Radio Flyer’s technical and marketing firepower to deliver a new transactional experience to their customers.

Radio Flyer provided tremendous assets and guidelines for the digital extension of the brand, allowing Acquity Group to focus on delivering an online user experience that has come to be expected by the Radio Flyer enthusiast. The new site provides easy access to service parts and new products.

A testimonial to the great work done on this site by Radio Flyer and Acquity Group is the Interactive Media Awards recognition of www.radioflyer.com in three different areas:

  • Best in Class “Toy/Hobby”
  • Outstanding Achievement “Retail”
  • Outstanding Achievement “Catalog”

These awards are based on ratings for design, content, feature functionality, usability, standards compliance and cross-browser compatibility.  I am very proud to have been part of the leadership of an effort that delivered a solid solution to an important client – that is also now recognized for excellence in it’s class.

Many thanks to my friends at Radio Flyer, you have been fantastic to work with, and to a great team at Acquity Group for once again setting new standards of excellence.

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