ExactTarget Nexus ’11

Key Clients are increasingly struggling with the burden of financial management and support of cross-channel initiatives for reaching their brand’s customers.  They often come to us with a need to balance, or justify to leadership on executing a tightly integrated marketing strategy where every dollar in their expense budget counts.  With our history in technology integration, we have successfully enabled connection points between many different channels, eCommerce, CMS, Social Platforms and Mobile Apps; most recently providing the strategy, design and technology implementation for Chicago’s Metra train network in which we teamed up with ExactTarget (ET) to leverage their cross-channel campaign technology.

While at the ExactTarget Partner Conference Nexus 11 last week, I was reminded of the value and importance this partnership continues to bring us and our Clients, and I am quite excited about how it will deepen as the market evolves.  Acquity Group has been especially fortunate in participating on the Partner Advisory Council (PAC) of ET, and because we have collaborated in these vision sessions we have a vested interest in building more “intelligence” in the future for marketers globally.

On Day 1 of the conference the hi-light was Scott McCorkle’s architecture planning and vision for ET’s roadmap of Integrated Marketing HUB (IMH), which should be available for general release in September of 2011.  Acquity Group values that IMH can be implemented cross-channel, drawing from the same dataset of audience demographics, psychographics, web analytics, and just about every other behavior under the moniker of Customer Intelligence.  We repeatedly remind clients of the importance to embrace new and emerging technologies as part of an integrated marketing strategy.  We encourage them not to build another silo, rather incorporating these additions intelligently, not as replacements to past methods but enhancements to future ones.

When we look at potential competitors in the Direct Digital Marketing space we believe that ET’s IMH can support the majority of campaigns we will execute on behalf of our clients.  Scott Dorsey’s (CEO of ET) engaging speech ensured us that ET was committed to growth and investment for their product’s future in this marketplace.  He shared sales numbers, R+D investments, details of the coTweet acquisition and opening of global offices from London to Australia, supporting their philosophy to transparency.  While we cannot predict the future, we can watch the trends and align ourselves with the right partner to deliver our clients with the best digital future for their brand.

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