Acquity Group cited as source in Forrester CRM research

Forrester Research, Inc., a leading independent research company that provides forward-thinking advice, knowledge and data to business and technology leaders, has cited Acquity Group as a source in their latest study, “Beyond CRM: Manage Customer Experiences,” authored by Paul Hagen, principal analyst at Forrester.

The report entails insight on the importance of Customer Experience Management (CRM), tools for creating an effective Customer Experience framework and recommendations on reinforcing the brand through CRM. The report is one of many thought-provoking research studies that Forrester is well known for generating.

For the study, Forrester interviewed 19 vendor and user companies, selecting Acquity Group as one of its resources.  Companies are chosen as interviewees based on their experience, industry-leading point of views and credibility.

Being sourced for this study by Forrester is a great accomplishment for Acquity Group and is an example of our trusted thought leadership and experience.

Many thanks to Forrester for considering Acquity Group for such an important project!

About Rick Nash

Rick is Vice President of South Central Region for Acquity Group, and has more than fifteen years of management, marketing and technology consulting experience within insurance, financial services, manufacturing, and retail industries. Rick helps his clients evaluate and apply technology to achieve operational efficiencies, communicate and market themselves, and conduct online commerce.

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