Leading Customer Experiences at the Forrester CXP Forum

The idea of providing a consistent experience across multiple customer touch points is more important than ever, and this was echoed by the attendance and engagement at the 2011 Forrester Customer Experience Forum.

The focus of this 2-day event in New York’s Time Square was to address best practices, industry trends, and foster a community to share knowledge around how to best understand and engage your customers.

A common theme heard was “Before you can have a true customer centered experience, you first must understand how your customer expects to interact with your company or brand via the multiple touch points you have available.”

 These can range from traditional .com sites, mobile, in store experiences, even call centers – and need to remain consistent and communicate so customers sense smooth transitions and similar themes across channels.  Once this is understood, implement designs and campaigns to capitalize on those experiences, but be sure to analyze data to confirm you are fostering profitable customer interactions.

Attendees included senior individuals from leading fortune 500 companies across multiple industries, from finance to hospitality.

The event concluded with the much anticipated Forrester Voice of the Customer Award.  This award highlights organizations that lead the way in providing optimal experiences to their customers.  Including in this year’s list of award recipients is a long term client and partner of Acquity Group’s – Adobe Systems.


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