After Google’s Motorola Purchase, expect Apple to Launch Mobile Search Engine

As with any purchase, Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility has been associated with multiple strategic initiatives and competitive pressures.  Initial reactions point to the on-going patent battle as well as the desire to support fully Google’s Android mobile phone platform in its battle with the iphone.

However, I find most interesting is that from a game theory perspective, Apple’s logical response will be to develop a proprietary mobile search application so as to reduce Google’s future mobile revenue streams.   After all, if Apple’s top competitor battles you on your home turf, Apple will likely want to reduce Google’s revenue streams coming through the iPhone and iPad.   I suspect though that the Google executives probably assumed that Apple was going to create an iphone mobile search app anyways and thus considered it irrelevant to this acquisition.

So what?  Does that mean that digital marketers should do anything different?

The answer is a resounding yes.  Over the past five years, most companies have manage mobile campaigns separately from PC based campaigns.  However, this salvo signals that marketers should also isolate iphone/ipad campaigns from android campaigns.  A little foresight today may prevent a painful re-organization in the future and also may give you the jump start over your competitors as the Google-Apple war escalates.

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