Event Recap: ExactTarget Connections

All it takes is One.  One event to change the World for Interactive Marketers.  The ExactTarget conference kicked off with a BANG on Tuesday, September 13th (or actually a really loud, bass consecutively followed by drummers for the IN Pacer’s drumline); it was enough to make even the most A.D.D. market communicators from SMB to Enterprise-wide, stop their texting and drop their Smartphone’s in their laps.  As we all stopped.  We listened.  And we all went on listening and gloriously drinking from the orange cool-aid for the next 3-days.

ExactTarget captivated us in our 3,000 seats, with a star-studded Speaker line-up of technology’s best + brightest visionaries, movers + shakers; with interactive music downloads + celebrity performances, interactive gift-giving in a continuing aspiration for philanthropy in their IN community.  As software creators, developers and implementers of Interactive Marketing HUB – a tool to help strapped, creative and often poorly-funded Digital Marketers to activate  from dialoguing with their customers via cross-channel campaigns in ONE friendly dashboard of aggregated analytics (this is probably the longest sentence since Virgil’s Aneaid) –  they entertained us, wined + dined us, and truly exemplified to us the power of One brand and One integrated marketing event to blow everyone from of the water. It was One powerful eco-system under the ExactTarget moniker (or as they cheerfully stated at the start “One ring to rule them All”).

As one of a dozen strategic alliance partners to ExactTarget, Acquity Group is ONE company that combines strategy, design and technology to build and maintain cross-channel Digital Marketing Campaigns that help our clients acquire, engage and retain customers around  the world.

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