Social Computing Grows Up: Engaging with Your Connected Customers

I was really excited about a full day of indulging in knowledge at the Forrester workshop in Chicago. This wasn’t going to be the hard-earned, on-the-spot kind of test and target knowledge, but deep insights fed to you from a silver spoon.

Sean Corcoran, Senior Analyst at Forrester has built his Forrester career around social media, social networking, social marketing, sharing diverse media content, collaboration, blogging and micro-blogging.  Social is ingrained in Sean’s DNA and thankfully so.  He led a group of diverse individuals who came from very different roles, companies and perspectives. Sean shared the same content with us, but specifically managing it to meet the needs of each individual.

The day started on the social media maturity model as a way to identify our point of origination so we could think through our next steps. Once the crowd was warmed up, Sean shared Forrester’s POST framework and social technographics research; neither were new to me but the depth of my understanding and application of their knowledge increased exponentially. Acquity Group is a purveyor of Forrester’s materials so I access and read their research often, but the kind of insight gained from Sean interactively walking us through by answering specific questions and adding examples provided that missing fourth dimension that you just can’t get when reading. The day just kept meeting its awesome expectations.

The meat of the workshop was four breakout deep dives into the POST framework: People, Objectives, Strategy + Technologies (POST). Each deck was littered with wonderful real-life examples of where SM’s “right” is and how to integrate your organization, measurements and scorecards.

With all the different terms  and definitions for social it is easy for organizations to get confused, regardless of their maturity. For those fearless explorers continuing to sail to new lands, you will need that map of the world (POST) and compass (metrics), as well as a good 4C crew structure (communicative collaborators with curiosity and commitment) to keep reinventing and improving your social space.

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