Facebook Advertising: 7 Advanced Tips

In 2010, Facebook got serious about advertising. The platform that was ridiculed for trying to integrate ads with its user experience since they started allocating space for advertisers, figured out a way to offer a more intuitive and rich ad experience for both the user and the advertiser. Naturally, we care about what our friends think, do and buy. Naturally we love sharing some of what we think, do and buy and both of those statements are what make Facebook successful.

The Facebook ad offering has matured since its inception and the advertiser has precision targeting options that essentially feed users more relevant ads. Some of those ads take on the shape of the Facebook news feed model and are shared across friend’s pages much like any other story in your feed. This allows the ads on Facebook to have viral potential (something paid search does not have) and this benefits advertisers by opening them up to the number one channel of consumer influence – the “peer” channel.

Beyond Facebook Ads 101 – what are some advanced tips for advertising on  Facebook that can help you catch some viral heat? Here is a list of seven advanced Facebook advertising tips:

  1. Logos are not overly successful. If you feel that your brand is appealing enough to have your logo be the stand-alone incentive for a user to click, use your logo. Otherwise, tests have shown that users react more positively to an ad that doesn’t feature a company’s logo.
  2. Refresh every 10-12 days. Refresh your images and/or your copy. If you monitor dynamic ad habits vs. static you will realize that having ever-changing ad creative makes a world of difference in performance primarily because the networks tend to reward active advertising participants with more impressions. The same stands true for Linkedin Ads.
  3. Using questions in the title can increase your CTR. Experiment with questions in your title – not in the body copy. Users love to give their opinions in social environments and questions catalyze interest activity.
  4. Spend most of your time on specific targeting. Unlike most other platforms, Facebook has plenty of rich user data that includes their interests based on factual profiles and not general categorizations found within some online display targeting. Take advantage of this by targeting geo-specific messaging to age groups and interests that can make use of your product. Do NOT mass advertise on this network. Target, target target.
  5. Use a time prompt within your ads and couple it with exclusivity. Traditional marketing time statements like NOW and LIMITED TIME will work but try mixing in these terms with a value word/phrase that makes them seem exclusive so that the user won’t feel that everyone is getting the same add and same value prop… This is where targeting can make or break you.
  6. Third Person Can Work. Some brands have claimed that using the third person in their ads has increased their CTRs. You can create ads that say “for him” or “she cares.”
  7. Monitor ads that perform well in a CPC model and try them in a CPM model to compare costs. This is somewhat common sense but a lot of marketers don’t think about it. They see their ads performing well with high CTRs and don’t ever consider moving that ad to a CPM model. If you have an ad that is clicked often it may save you money to place that ad in a CPM model. Monitor and optimize based on the working model that costs less.

Of course, these are seven tips to experiment with. You should not expect every one of these tips to work in your favor 100% of the time but nonetheless, you should be testing them out and use them to optimize your campaign frequently.

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