ExactTarget Global Sales + Service Kick Off 2012

The first day opened to a staggering 750 participants. The packed ballroom included attendees from their global sales and service teams as well as strategic partners.

It was the first in ExactTarget’s now 11-year history to combine sales, service and partners as it builds its trajectory to take the company public. The ExactTarget story continues largely due to well-executed and personable leaders who inspire their team of orange to live the dream by ExactTarget numbers: revenue, profitability, cash flow and CSAT numbers. Humble and straight-talking visionaries are cognizant of the fact that none is achievable in a vacuum and invested the audience’s time in the criteria of team, leadership, trust and communication.

With 2011 numbers are strong, their confidence made it feel predictable even. SEC filing managed and ticker-symbol set. Balancing the right degree of transparency was also established. It was a checklist of corporate good health and a viable good investment when their filing is complete.

ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing Hub and the Hub Exchange provides some compelling differentiators leveraging ExactTarget’s power of execution, speed to innovation, multi-channel and total cost of ownership for their clients.

During the conference, ExactTarget’s research showed 48% of clients’ core issues revolve around managing interactive marketing cross-channels. Continuing the dialog, ExactTarget host Rob Brosnan, Forrester’s Senior Analyst of Customer Intelligence, previewed and explained the framework for the Wave report in both ExactTarget’s categories of Email Service Provider and Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM). One of the highlights is the overwhelming factor of cost for retaining CCCM systems and the customer demand for a personalized customer experience. Eighty-two percent NPS from ExactTarget’s existing clients was a compelling statistic.

Acquity Group is a strategic alliance partner to ExactTarget, combining strategy, design and technology in one place for creating, building and maintaining cross-channel digital marketing campaigns that will help you acquire, engage and retain your customers and consumers for any enterprise globally.

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