Acquity Group Certified as Google Search Engine Marketing Partner

Google Search Engine Marketing Partner CertificationAcquity Group’s search marketing and analytics practice recently received certification as a Google Ad Words partner recognizing both our on-going relationship with Google and the thought leading search experts within our company*.

While at one level we are pleased with the recognition, we would tell our customers to be wary of agencies that flash their certifications over their customer results.

So, instead of more on the certification, let’s talk Results! Like a 50% reduction in cost-per-conversion, yet simultaneous increase in number of conversions, for a global B-to-B client. Or how our team increased year over year online revenues at a regional arts and crafts chain directly attributable to paid search by 1000%, and organic search by 120%.  Or how with an initial 3-week search assessment, we identified immediate paid search improvements for a retail client with a monthly Ad Words spend in the high hundreds of thousands.

Unfortunately, the Google Certification does not measure customer results.  But the certification does have something to do with the fact that Acquity Group manages paid search advertising on 6 of the 7 continents, across over a hundred countries, and in a variety of languages including English, Chinese, Portuguese, Espanola, Italian, Japanese, Korean, French and Arabic.

* Search engine marketing is the placement of paid advertisements within a search engines results page (“SERP”). Google Ad Words is Google’s SEM Platform for advertisers and agencies to implement and manage paid search within Google. SEM’s advantages over over marketing channels is the ability to directly respond to a customers search query with query specific messaging as well as the ability to land the customer on the most relevant page on a website. SEM is also attractive due to its variable costs model that allows marketers to increase spend in increments that are correlated to actual business results.

If you would like to speak with a search engine management team that has both the certifications and the results, please reach out to us!

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I am the guy that provides a better return on your marketing spend across search engine marketing, search engine optimization and other digital channels. I am the mathematician. I am not the cool marketing guy dressed in black. As the mathematician, I identify the statistically significant indicators or your best and worst marketing tactics. Then I will combine the best indicators together to increase your revenue. I either remediate the problems with your worst tactics or simply recommend that you re-allocate that spend to more effective tactics. People who hire me make more money, get more leads and spend less. And not some magical time 2-3 years away, the impact starts immediately and has a long tail.

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