Mayor Rahm Emanuel Visits Acquity Group


Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel visited Acquity Group this afternoon for a Chicago technology forum held for university students from around the Midwest.


Mayor Emanuel and Acquity Group President, Jay Dettling, discussed Chicago’s growing technology opportunities for today’s graduates, and Acquity Group’s plans to expand its workforce significantly by the end of 2014. “Chicago’s a city on the move,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Last year, there was on average one new digital start up company in the city of Chicago for every day of 2012. And beyond start-ups, more and more top companies from all industries are choosing to call Chicago home.”


The discussion also touched on why Chicago is one of the best places in the country to live and work. “Chicago is one of the most American of cities. We already have an extremely diverse economy, with not more than one industry making up more than 13% of our economy,” said Mayor Emanuel. “And we’re quickly becoming a top destination for young people with our investments in infrastructure and recreation that will revitalize in a real way how people live and work in the city.”


“The University of Illinois, University of Chicago and Northwestern are three top universities educating the best minds of this generation right in our backyard,” said Mayor Emanuel. “And with the rapid growth of Chicago, specifically in the technology industry with companies like Acquity Group, we’re excited to keep them here.”


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