6 SXSW Events for a Developer

1.  Is responsive web design the wrong paradigm?: Everyone is talking about – and sometimes investing in – responsive design. But is it really the future?

2. 5 things developers need to know about design: Learn how to use design techniques to enhance your approach to development, and perhaps learn a few techniques for working well with designers, too.


3. Bringing sexy back to developers: Usually, the front end gets all the credit for making an app sexy, but there is genius in the back end, too. Discuss how to develop beautiful infrastructures.


4. It’s all spelled out: typography for developers: Learn the rules of developing typography for both native and web apps in this workshop.


5. Reusable HTML, CSS & JS: Front End Legos: Practice writing code that is easier to maintain by developing in a modular fashion.


6. Blur the Lines: Write Web Apps that Look Native: Grab your laptop and participate in a workshop designed to help developers unlock the potential of mobile specific features.


SXSW Schedule

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