UX Strategy Meetup: An Evening with Paul Bryan

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 9.55.13 AM

By Scott Blair

What is UX Strategy? Is this a thing or just some new buzzphrase? The hungry crowd of UX enthusiasts in attendance at Acquity Group wanted to know the score. Paul Bryan, a strong voice in this emerging field, dropped by to shed some light on the subject.

Paul has been keeping himself busy, moving forward into many different areas to bring some knowledge around UX strategy. He is the organizer of the UX STRAT conference, a regular contributor to the blog UX Matters, started the UX Strategy and Planning group on LinkedIn, and is co-authoring an upcoming book on UX Strategy for Elsevier / Morgan Kaufmann titled “Experience Strategy: A Practical Approach For User Experience Leaders.” He was in Chicago as part of his new workshop series UX Strat Masterclass.

Paul’s talk centered around the impetus of emerging field of UX Strategy. UX as a field is intimately connected and often responsible for the design of digital experiences that support a business. With UX’s focus on understanding businesses’ users, there have been more possibilities for innovative design that targets the user while supporting the business. As technology moves us into experiences where traditional digital channel boundaries start to disappear, the scope of what design needs to understand will only increase, making strategy an important part of the design process.

Paul kept the presentation portion of the evening short and opened up the floor for questions. Many wanted to know how a ux strategist’s role would differ from other roles involved in the digital design process. He again emphasized the need for UX designers to understand your business well and to begin creating a road map of the digital experiences that support the business. Paul also asked attendees to share their stories from their experiences in creating a digital strategy.

Paul also informed us that the UX Strategy Chicago meetup is the first of its kind to his knowledge. He hopes to see the meetup used as a template that other cities build from. His advice to the startup, start incorporating more information that will help UX folks better understand their organization and business in order to be in a position to design better experiences.

Later this year the UX Strat conference Paul started will hold it’s second event in Boulder, Co.

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