CMOs – Time for Digital Transformation – The Latest Insights from Accenture Interactive

Digital is changing the world and chief marketing officers (CMOs) know it. They are embracing digital channels with fervor, but it’s time to do more. The prize is not mastery of the channels but command of the opportunities to delight customers and drive superior business outcomes. Then the reward for customers and marketers alike becomes relevant and seamless experiences from brand promise through brand delivery.

This is a digital transformation that requires an outside-in or customer-focused orientation. Given CMOs’ understanding of the brand and the customer, they are the natural leaders, able to envision a transformation that bridges the entire customer experience, including sales, service and product. The ability to wield, rather than be overwhelmed by, digital technologies will be critical, as will cutting across current functional boundaries. By collaborating with other C-suite executives and drawing on external partners to boost internal expertise, CMOs can become more visible change agents for digital transformation.

These are some of the key findings from the 2014 Accenture Interactive CMO Insights survey of nearly 600 senior marketing executives from 11 countries and 10 industries.

To check out the full report, click here.

The 2013-2014 CMO Insights Survey is the fourth in a series of studies sponsored by Accenture and aimed at understanding the opinions, challenges and points of view of senior marketing executives from around the world.

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