Digital Careers on Display at Techweek by Kevin Widerstedt

One of the hottest paths to go down in today’s job market is in Digital Technology.  Every year, large groups of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and visionaries in the Digital space gather at Techweek to discuss leading edge developments within Digital.  The week-long event includes a collection of industry leading executive presentations and captivating next-wave product demonstrations. Techweek Chicago kicks off Monday, June 23rd, and is expected to be another great affair. 

Acquity Group, part of Accenture Interactive will join over 150 other companies at the culminating Expo, June 26th through June 28th, to share our expertise on emerging Digital Technology and network with those interested in our career opportunities

Acquity Group is a recognized leader in eCommerce, Web Content Management, and Digital Marketing.  Over the past twelve years, we’ve continued to define best practices on growing brand awareness and online revenue through all of the digital channels.  Fall 2013 marked a significant milestone when Acquity Group joined forces with Accenture Interactive to bring together two very reputable service organizations under one roof.  With our strong technical and creative expertise, many globally recognized brands are seeking out AG & AI for assistance with their critical technology business decisions.  Events like Techweek give us the opportunity to showcase our expertise to the greater tech community and contribute to the overall growth of technology and innovation.

So why is it worth having a career in the eCommerce and Digital Technology space?

Today, the total eCommerce market today is valued at over $1Trillion, and is expected to grow at 17% annually.  In this space, you will not only be developing invaluable technical skills, but also a deep-seated foundation of general business.  eCommerce exposes you to major business elements like product/service marketing, supply chain, cross-selling, customer experience, and financial planning, to name a few. You work with real-time customer data and adjust to new market changes every day.  This environment demands a new appreciation for your customers, understanding how they think, act, and react to your brand.

 If you’re attending the Techweek Chicago Expo, be sure to check out Acquity’s booth (7-9073) for more insight on our industry and information on great career opportunities. 

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