Help Acquity Group present at SXSW!


Acquity Group has two expert panels that need your votes to present at SXSW. Sign-up and cast your vote today!

Transforming The Now into the Next

Scott Lutzow, Nancy Hala, and Shanon Marks discuss how you can create, innovate and transform in any business environment. They define the process of transforming the “now” into the “next” with 3 key elements:

  1. A trusted team of collaborators who say yes more than no.
    Find your team. People who say Yes more than No, who come to the table with an energy of acceptance, willingness and hope. Real innovation only grows in an atmosphere of discussion, collaboration, discovery and trust.
  2. Leaders who understand, appreciate, and support the creative.
    Your bosses have to give you room to roam. And trust you to come back with new ideas, different ways of looking at a problem, finding solutions to unarticulated problems. In short – transforming the Now into the Next.
  3. An organization that sponsors and facilitates ideas.
    Make the most of the apparatus of executives who are connected to new business opportunities across industries.

Sign-up and Vote for the Now into the Next here:

Accelerate Your Web Development with Yeogurt

Yeogurt is a scaffolding generator for modern front-end development created by Acquity Group, Senior Front-End Developer, Jake Larson.

Yeogurt is a modern web application generator that takes into account your choices from a large set of popular technologies, builds out a sensible structure, and configures an automated, development workflow instantly.

Take away the worry of configuration and focus on what you do best: building websites. Kickstart your next web project with Yeogurt and start to build better websites, faster.

Sign-up and Vote For Yeogurt Here:

Fjord and Accenture Digital also need your votes!


Zero UI: the end of the screen based interface

Emerging Tech Empowering Special Needs Users

Designing the Future with Fjord Ideator


From Transactions to Lifestyle Experience:

Futurists, Fortune Tellers, and Tech Fanatics

Seamless Travel: Introducing the Customer Genome

How Brands Can Get “Circular” and Why They Must

Learn How to Use Data Science for Social Good

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