An Evening at Acquity Group with Accenture Digital & Threadless


For artists and trend-seekers alike, Threadless is an innovative design community that brings art to life on t-shirts, hoodies, cellphone cases, and more. Last night, digital experts from Accenture Digital, Chip Knicker, PJ Bickett, and Amanda Kranz fielded questions with members of the Threadless team, Billy Carlson and Atkins Meyer to discuss the changing face of the digital industry and the outlook for innovation in the commerce space. Event participants submitted questions from the audience via live twitter feed with #chicaGOdigital. (check it out here )

There was also time allotted for everyone to network and speak one on one with the panel members and other Accenture employee’s in attendance.  If you’re interested in a career with Acquity Group and Accenture Digital, you can visit our careers page for available opportunities or contact Kevin Widerstedt ( for other inquiries.

Discussion panel at the Accenture Digital event with Threadless.

Threadless and Accenture panelists discussing digital trends and innovation in the commerce space.

In case you missed it…

The Panel:

Accenture Digital

Amanda Kranz: Manager, Client Account Leadership at Acquity Group part of Accenture Interactive

PJ Bickett: Vice President of Agency Services at Acquity Group part of Accenture Interactive

Chip Knicker – Accenture Managing Director, VP of eCommerce at Acquity Group part of Accenture Interactive


Billy Carlson, Director of User Experience

Atkins Meyer, Director of Engineering


5 Talking Points:

1. “BigData”

“Big Data is not so much pure analytics, it is the collection of the data and how you are using it. Analytics feeds into design.” – PJ Bickett

“Big Data” is especially relevant in the commerce space as B2B and B2C companies alike seek to strategically leverage data they obtain from their operations to reach specific business goals. For example, customer journey data can enlighten the sales process within a commerce site and provide insights for how to improve efficiency in sales conversions.

2. What is Innovation?

“Innovation today is taking a concept, refining it, and bringing it to life.” – PJ Bickett

Innovation is integral to the Threadless model. “We started as a website, but we’re transitioning to a platform.” said Carlson. Threadless not only helps artists monetize their work through production on t-shirts and other products, but also cultivates a community of people who score designs, collaborate, and share their passions. As Threadless looks to the future, service to this passionate community of users is integral to the development of its capabilities across different channels (i.e. mobile, tablet, etc).

3. Content Strategy

As Kranz commented, “you have to have the right information in the right place to be successful.” For Threadless, this content focused strategy manifests in efforts to develop mobile and tablet apps for the users within their communities. “We’re always building and looking to improve features,” said Atkins.

 4. What does the future look like for Threadless?

“While we started as a website, we’re transitioning into a platform. We want to make our technology available in multiple ways…bring the Threadless brand and experience to all of our channels. We want to be the hub for the artist.”

 5. Some of the most popular designs on Threadless?

Fruit with faces.

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