Alliance Spotlight: Partnering with hybris to launch 20+ Global Successes in 2014


At the GAMEPLAN B2B eCommerce Forum this week, attendees discussed the many ways brands and manufacturers can enhance their digital experiences, demonstrating that the best omnichannel experiences are not simply made from digital enhancements, but digital transformations.

Engaging and converting customers is one of the most difficult tasks facing both B2B and B2C industries today. The push to sell more online and increase the bottom line has become a top priority for C-level decision makers and marketers across the board.

Acquity Group, as part of Accenture Interactive, works closely with hybris to give Fortune 500 companies the tools they need to address this problem and sustain a competitive advantage through better multichannel shopping experiences.

The long-standing partnership combines Acquity Group and Accenture Interactive’s global capabilities and industry-specific services with hybris’ leading omni-channel software and technology to deliver digital experiences for B2B and B2C brands. Our unique alliance has delivered the largest and most complex hybris engagements in the world.

And 2014 has been a successful year for the partnership: we have worked together to lead 20+ global launches for multi-national companies across Retail, CPG, IT, and Manufacturing. These launches spanned North America, Europe, Latin America, and China.

As hybris’ only global Platinum partner, Accenture has more than 43,000 SAP professionals and the largest number of hybris experts in the world. (SAP acquired hybris in 2013.) Together, we provide support to global brands as they strive to more effectively engage their customers.

As the market becomes more saturated and digital continues to interrupt business and retail processes, we believe that companies require solutions – and partners – that understand customer engagement and deliver top-level experiences that convert browsers to active buyers.

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