NextGen15: What are Branded Content Opportunities for Targeting the Next Generation of Consumers?  

The marketing game has dramatically shifted over the last few years, as have the audiences being targeted. But so have the tools. At SXSW this year a movie campaign gained traction when it looked to Tinder to promote its upcoming premiere, causing discussion about the direction of branded content.

As native advertising and other forms of branded content have moved into the spotlight for many brands’ content marketing programs, businesses are wondering where their marketing dollars are best invested and what the real return is in consumer views, engagement and even re-sharing on their own social networks.

Acquity Group’s 2015 Next Generation of Commerce Study took a closer look at consumer preferences for engagement, revealing new opportunities for businesses, as well as a renewed focus on existing opportunities:

New Mediums Becoming More Trusted By Consumers

While print newspapers still rank high on consumer trust, Facebook and other social media platforms have already started to take a strong lead.

New Trusted Mediums

Branded Content Continues to Influence Consumers but Brands Must Watch Over-Targeting
While about a fourth of consumers say they’re influenced by brand-authored content in news outlets (23 percent), nearly half (45 percent) say multiple brand impressions across channels, such as TV and social media, influence them to shop from that brand next time they’re in a brick-and-mortar setting.  Twenty-eight percent say it makes them more likely to shop with that brand online in the future.

However, the study also reveals there is a careful balance businesses need to strike. Sixty percent of consumers say they see too many ads, suggesting brands may also want to explore new opportunities through less traditional channels for content sharing.

Consumers Open to Branded Content via Non-traditional Channels 

When it comes to branded content, new forms of media present major opportunities that only few are currently taking advantage of. In fact, our study revealed that the majority of consumers say they would be more likely to watch an online streaming TV series produced by a brand, rather than the same content made by a traditional media company, if it meant they didn’t have to watch commercials (59 percent).

This finding reveals but one new possibility for brands to engage consumers across platforms, bringing together traditional and new media. While the optimal balance will differ for every company and campaign, one thing is for certain – the rules have changed. Successful content marketing will bring these platforms together to create one, seamless experience. 

About the 2015 Next Generation of Commerce Study:

The 2015 Next Generation of Commerce study conducted by Acquity Group, part of Accenture Interactive, breaks down consumer expectations for brands in 2015 and beyond, from engagement to purchasing to delivery.  

The study surveyed over 2,000 U.S. consumers about their habits and preferences surrounding digital engagement, shopping and services. Consumer preferences and behaviors were analyzed based on demographic qualifiers including generation, region and technology adoption. 

For more information on the Acquity Group 2015 Next Generation of Commerce Study and for the full report visit .

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